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Most people wait and hope for the day that they find that special someone; who they can share the rest of their life with. When that day comes you want everything to be perfect! So when that day comes, let Eden help you plan your big day.

Eden can create any bouquet that is needed for your special day. Whether it is the bride’s tear drop or handheld bouquets to the groom’s buttonhole or mothers corsage.

Every creation will be made unique to your special wedding day needs with the closest attention paid to help make every dream come true for your big day!

Eden Destiny Driven Flowers

Making bouquets with passion
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Experience the vibrant freshness in every petal, with our guarantee that every bloom is sourced at the peak of its natural beauty.

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Immerse yourself in the effortless journey of transforming emotions into floral artistry, nurtured by our decades of expertise and passion.
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Relish in our unwavering commitment to excellence, where your satisfaction is the heart of our service, and every interaction is personalised to your needs.
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Rest easy with our professional floral artisans, who combine meticulous care, creativity, and attention to detail to translate your sentiments into stunning floral expressions.

Turn 'I Do' Into a Blossoming Memory


Hi Eden. The flowers were beautiful. Thanks for an excellent job. x



Hi Eden. Just wanted to say thank you once again for the lovely floral arrangements. Very much appreciated by the family. Cheral



Beautiful Floral Arrangements Tailored to your Love Story

Bring your dream wedding to life!